What Is In The Book?

CHASING TIME is about the life lessons that the World War Two Generation taught a millennial. The Table of Contents (from the book) below details the life lessons that Victoria learned from interviewing the WWII generation.


Chapter One: “Talking About My Generation”
Chapter Two: Where Did It All Start
Chapter Three: Persistence
Chapter Four: The Value of Time
Chapter Five: World War Two – Why This Era?
Chapter Six: The WWII Generation Gave Me Perspective
Chapter Seven: Just Ask
Chapter Eight: More Than A Story : An Interview Turns Into A Friendship
Chapter Nine: Just Do It
Chapter Ten - When You Know : You Know
Chapter Eleven - Think For Yourself
Chapter Twelve - Have Faith
Chapter Thirteen - The Importance Of Listening
Chapter Fourteen: Talking Helps, Music Helps
Chapter Fifteen: Live Life : It Is A Gift – The Story Of Holocaust Survivors
Chapter Sixteen: There Are Some Things No One Can Take Away From You
Chapter Seventeen: Believe In Fate
Chapter Eighteen: Have Pride In What You Do
Chapter Nineteen: Conversing With Centenarians (If Not Now, When)
Chapter Twenty: Have Someone’s Back
Chapter Twenty-One: Do Not Let Others Define You
Chapter Twenty-Two: There Is Power In Writing Something Down
Chapter Twenty-Three: Consequences We Pay
Chapter Twenty-Four: Embrace The Moment
Chapter Twenty-Five: The Magic Of Laughter
Chapter Twenty-Six: Be Proud To Be An American
Chapter Twenty-Seven: We Are All Connected
Chapter Twenty-Eight: God Has A Plan For All Of Us
Chapter Twenty-Nine: War Is Difficult To Experience
Chapter Thirty: Favors We Do
Chapter Thirty-One: Solve Your Own Problems
Chapter Thirty-Two: Just Dance
Chapter Thirty-Three: Overcoming Adversity
Chapter Thirty-Four: Love Life
Chapter Thirty-Five: Cherish Freedom: Holocaust Survivors, Veterans, People Who Lived Under Communist Regimes, and Nursing Home Residents
Chapter Thirty-Six: Cherish Freedom Part Two:POWs
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Never Give Up
Chapter Thirty-Eight: Always A Part Of You
Chapter Thirty-Nine: Have Empathy
Chapter Forty: There Are Nice People All over
Chapter Forty-One: Difficulties In Growing Old
Chapter Forty-Two: There Are Stories Within The Stories
Chapter Forty-Three: It’s a Global World Out There
Chapter Forty-Four: Stories From Around The World
Chapter Forty-Five: Friendship Matters
Chapter Forty-Six: Friendship Matters (Part II)
Chapter Forty-Seven: Do It Anyway – CARE
Chapter Forty-Eight: In Giving We Receive
Chapter Forty-Nine: Seize The Day
Chapter Fifty: Coming To Terms With Human Mortality
Chapter Fifty-One: Ordinary Moments
Chapter Fifty-Two: There Are Things We Don’t Forget
Chapter Fifty-Three: Enjoy The Little Things
Chapter Fifty-Four: Stories Transform Us
Chapter Fifty-Five: Conclusion: Cycle Of Life
Appendix I
Appendix II

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