One last thing


A Chance To Tell Your Loved Ones
Everything You Always Wanted To Say


CHASING TIME (an oral history project on WWII) has grown into a movement to pass on one last message to your most cherished loved ones after you pass away. We record your messages and STORIES, and we give you what will become one of the greatest gifts that you EVER give to your family. You will leave your ONE LAST THING messages, videos, and stories for your loved ones to receive once you are gone.

WHAT IF once you passed away, you could tell your children and/or loved ones one more thing? Imagine that you have passed, but a tape of you speaking or an audio of your voice is sent to your children after you are gone. You are now gone, but your loved ones have the opportunity to hear you say ONE LAST THING that they never heard before. This is really the greatest gift that you can leave to your loved ones.
One Last Thing is a chance for you to create a LIVING OBITUARY.
One Last Thing will videotape you speaking, then give you the cd of you speaking, and then you have it to leave for your family : Your Living Obituary.
Think of every funeral that you have ever been to? Everyone craves to say ONE MORE THING to the deceased individual.
If you had a chance to tell your loved ones just One More Thing … one more thing after you pass, what would it be? What story would you tell them? What would you want them to know?
One Last Thing is a company that was created to allow you to tell your children, your loved ones, and/or your family what you would want to tell them while they are grieving for your loss. This company was created when family after family profusely thanked me when I gave them copies of my interviews of their elderly parents that I interviewed for Chasing Time once the WWII vets passed away.
Imagine …. Once you are gone …. Your family receives a tape with a message from you. The last thing that they’ll ever hear you say without knowing what you will say … It will be a surprise …. you’ll come back to them for ONE LAST THING.

Making grieving easier through STORIES

Death is not easy for anyone, but you could give your family this gift. As they are all grieving for your loss, what would you tell them? A representative from One Last Thing will come to your assisted living community and/or home and video tape you and/or just record your voice to be given to your loved ones once you pass away. Click here for pricing information:


30 minutes
= $80
45 minutes
= $100
1 hour
= $160
2 hours
= $320
The prices listed above are to just record and video tape your messages. The CD of your interview will be given to you within three weeks. We will mail it to you.
Editing is extra if you are interested in having pictures and music added to your tape. You choose the music and give us the pictures to add. Your pictures will be returned.


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