Become A Time Chaser

BECOME A TIME CHASER: Become A Member Of The Time Chaser Club

Join the Interview Girl Foundation’s movement to get the youth in our world to ask the elderly questions.
The point of this project (Time Chaser Club) is to connect the elderly with the young. We can all learn from our elders.
Chasing Time’s (Time Chaser Club) is a movement to get kids and grandkids to talk to their parents / grandparents about what it was like back in the day.

Let’s get you started on your own Oral History Project!
-What do you want to hear a firsthand account of: September 11, 2001, Persian Gulf War, Iraq War, Crisis in Syria, or ANY other event that has happened that people have lived through?
-People from these events are around to tell their stories. We just need YOU to ask THEM about their experiences.

I hope that you as a member of Generation Z / Generation Alpha will speak with a Baby Boomer because in your life time, the Baby Boomers will be what the Greatest Generation was to me. It all starts with a question - a very simple question. Just ask your grandparents or any elderly person a question and I promise you as you do this, you will hear a story and from the stories that the members of a generation that came before you share with you, you will strengthen your understanding of who you are as a human being.
Join The Time Chaser Club Today! – a movement to bring the elderly into contact with the youth
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