May 17, 2016
a Consequences we pay

Consequences We Pay : A.G. Romano – Story From Iwo Jima

“A marine does not disobey orders.” – A.G. Romano I completed the majority of my interviews in-person, but there were also people who elected to send […]
May 13, 2016
a - things we dont forget

There Are Things We Don’t Forget – Mr. Gene Pfeifer

This oral history project makes clear that there are things that we do not forget in this life. When I asked Mr. Gene Pfeifer what he […]
May 11, 2016
a warsaw_ghetto_

Lessons From A Survivor Of Warsaw Ghetto

Ester shares her memories from her time in the Warsaw Ghetto:
May 10, 2016
a Iwo Jima

A Story From Iwo Jima

Gordon shares his story from Iwo Jima: